Alumni Stories

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“Sponsor-A-Scholar has given me the opportunity to meet many people that I know I wouldn't have otherwise: students; professionals and of course, my mentor. My mentor, Matthew, as well as the other people I’ve met have provided me with valuable advice and all-important professional connections. I know my potential to succeed has risen tremendously because of Sponsor-A-Scholar.”


Kolel Pryor, Albany High School Class of 2012, Rochester Institute of Technology Class of 2016. From left, Jarell Pryor, and their mentor Matthew, Kolel.



"Being a part of this program has been such a great privilege.  I have been able to see and do so much because of my sponsorship. The many times I have been able to use my sponsorship for living expenses were invaluable. The stipend also helped me just to have a little extra money on hand so that I didn’t have to ask my mom for cash. I am so very fortunate to have been accepted and supported as a student and graduate of the program."


Sheila Dixon, Schenectady High School Class of 2009, Brown University Class of 2013.



“Sponsor-A-Scholar was a wonderful support for me. Being in this program helped me in so many ways. I still talk to my mentor regularly, and now that I’m established in my career as a public health researcher, I’m looking forward to giving back.”

Ashley Tate, Troy High School Class of 2006, University at Albany, Bachelor of Arts 2010, University at Albany, Master of Public Health 2012.



"The lessons in time management and research skills really made an impression on me. It’s great to know that a fire can be hot without having to touch it and get burned. That analogy explains the preemptive preparation that Sponsor-A-Scholar familiarized me with before I ever stepped foot on a college campus."


Elijah Foulks, Albany High School Class of 2006, SUNY Potsdam Bachelors in English Class of 2010, SUNY Potsdam Masters of Communication 2012.

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"Sponsor-A-Scholar was a true blessing for me. Not because of the financial support they provided me, but because of the incredible emotional support I got from the lifelong connections I've made through the program. I had the opportunity to have wonderful mentors who have stuck with me through this roller coaster of a journey, and I know that they will always be there for me when I need advice, or a listening ear. I feel so lucky to have been a part of such an inspiring program that shows young adults their true potential with hard work, and determination."

Rushka Kallicharan, Schenectady High School Class of 2012, SUNY Geneseo Class of 2016, pictured with her sister, Anushka Kallicharan, Schenectady High School Class of 2009, Rochester Institute of Technology Class of 2014.



"One of the most important skills I took away from Sponsor-A-Scholar is how to develop my soft skills. One of the most transferable skills someone can learn through life is how to communicate and connect with another person. Through Sponsor-A-Scholar I have been exposed to people of all backgrounds. This has taught me how to communicate effectively with anyone I might meet while maintaining the same respect for everyone around me."

Jay Yaskanich Troy High School Class of 2011. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Class of 2015.