Mentor Motivation

As part of our technical grant from Mentor NY, we hosted a mentor training session on Saturday, October 29th, for 45 new and current mentors.

We learned about the basics of what makes an effective mentor: good listening; compassion; patience; consistency; resourcefulness; honesty and a sense of humor.


Mentors also learned more about Sponsor-A-Scholar's college access programs and some of the challenges our Scholars face as they navigate high school and college.

Some of our experienced mentors and the training facilitator, Jean Lahage Cohen, shared tips on how to build an strong mentoring relationship:

  • Start slowly--the first meeting can be as short as 15 minutes;
  • Be consistent--over time, the student will realize they can (and want to) reach out to the mentor;
  • Have manageable expectations--it may take time to build trust with a student;
  • Be a good listener: only ask the questions you need to ask;
  • Never ask a question of a mentee that you wouldn't want to answer yourself;
  • Realize that as a mentor you don't need to know all the answers about anything (colleges, career, family problems)--you are a resource to the student to help them find the answers;
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help. Contact the Sponsor-A-Scholar staff.

Plans are already underway for a follow up session as we continue to support both our Scholars and our mentors in their work. 

Want to learn more about mentoring? Check out the basics, or contact us.