Meet a Mentor: Nate Van Duzer

Nate VanDuzer
Schenectady Mentor
Duck Derby Volunteer
M&T Bank Relationship Manager

How did you learn about Sponsor-A-Scholar? Sarah Halliday, a current board member, and the Market President of M&T Bank told me about the program. Once I learned more about it, I was hooked.

What excites you about being a mentor with Sponsor-A-Scholar? I’m most excited by how inspiring it is to see the commitment and maturity displayed by all of the Scholars I’ve met (especially my mentees, Vicky and Alex!). Not only is it rewarding to feel like I’m having a positive influence on my mentees, but they’ve impacted me in such a way that I’ll forever be grateful for the opportunity to be their mentor.

Did do you have a mentor in your own life? What did that person do for you?
Throughout my life both my mom and dad have been great mentors. They’ve instilled great values and have always been positive role models. Professionally, I’ve been fortunate to have several unofficial mentors, most recently Dave Topham. He’s a fellow relationship manager who’s always been available to share his experience and expertise with me, no matter how busy he is. There’s always certain aspects of any profession that require time and experience to reach a comfort level, so for someone such as myself who’s still gaining valuable experience, it’s been extremely helpful to have someone such as Dave who’s always there to lend a helping hand.

Thanks Nate, for all you do for our Scholars! Want to join Nate and mentor a Scholar? Contact us!