Your Gifts at Work: Pamela Nomessi

Read this heartwarming letter of thanks from Troy Scholar Pamela Nomessi after she spent several days at the National Society of Black Engineers conference in Pittsburgh. Pamela is a junior in high school.

"This past weekend I was able to experience a NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers) National Convention in Pittsburgh, PA. This experience made me consider a career in the STEM field. This opportunity has allowed me to meet new people who have gone to college in the STEM field and are now finding great jobs and are grateful for their education.

This experience has made me more curious about the possibilities of STEM and how I can incorporate it into my career choices in life. I started going to PCl (the junior version of NSBE ) during my freshman year of high school and it allowed me to go to a conference in Boston which was also a great experience for me. It’s an important time for me in high school because I have to start thinking about applying for colleges and what I want to major in when I go to college.

 It’s crucial for me to test out my interests in the field of Engineering. This experience I has helped solidify my understanding of the field and the variety of possible paths I can take which will help when I apply to colleges next year. I appreciate the opportunity I was given to go on this trip with support from Sponsor-A-Scholar. I cannot express my gratitude for all the help I have received over the last two years."