Alumni Council Members Share Advice with College-Bound Scholars

Kolel Pryor.jpg

Kolel Pryor: "One of the best lessons I learned in college came from one of my professors in my freshman year. Speaking to the highly competitive nature of my major and career industry, he advised all of the incoming students to avoid comparing ourselves and our work to others and to instead focus on our internal progress.

To me, that is perfect advice for the college experience and for life in general; all we can control is our own development and as long as we can continue to be better than we were in the past, we should feel proud and inspired to keep going. It's great if that results in us rising above our peers, but it's unwise to set goals based on things that are completely out of our control."

Kolel is a graduate of Albany High School and an alumnus of Rochester Institute of Technology. He works in the video game industry.


Camellia Loojune: "One piece of advice that I would share would be to definitely take a semester and study abroad. During college, it is one of the only times that you can pick up and leave without having a ton of responsibility holding you back. Many of my colleagues and friends have reflected back on that time and consider it to be most valuable. Integrating yourself in a new culture and lifestyle is a great way to challenge yourself personally, open your eyes to new perspectives and take note of global issues. Further, traveling abroad makes for a great conversation piece while networking for a job or internship as it shows you have versatility and the ability to work well with various cultures and people."

Camellia is a graduate of Schenectady High School and an alumnus of Syracuse University. She works in financial analysis.