A Peek into the College Planning Process

Mentors spend the first two years of their time with students having fun, and building trust with their students. They attend cultural events, try new things, and just get to know each other. All of this is in preparation for the college application process which starts in earnest in the fall of the student’s senior year.

Here’s Schenectady Scholar, Tian (left), with her mentor Kat. They recently met up at a local cafe for a brainstorming session to compile her college list. Tian has many diverse interests.

Tian says: “I'm excited to go to college because I want to experience new things and meet new people. I also like to learn.”

As the fall progresses, they’ll check in regularly to help keep Tian on track. Tian is extra lucky to have Kat as a mentor, because she works in admissions at the Sage Colleges and can give Tian some inside intelligence into what admissions representatives are seeking.

Every mentor, regardless of their professional background, provides ongoing encouragement and support to their Scholar. Kat says: “I'm excited for Tian to go to college because she will be a pioneer in her family as she will be the first in her family to graduate with a Bachelors degree. She is extremely thoughtful and has valuable contributions to make to society. College is an opportunity that will greatly prepare her for growth and success ahead.”