30 Tips for the Class of 2019


We recently participated in a volunteer fair at Regeneron, one of our wonderful community partners. We asked their employees to share advice about college with the Class of 2019, and they had some great tips!

  1. Know your campus resources.

  2. Make connections

  3. Enjoy all that college has to offer.

  4. Get involved

  5. Don’t sign up for the 8am class!

  6. Research FAFSA.

  7. Learn your best studying techniques and use them

  8. Don’t play video games.

  9. Don’t take a 20 minute nap after your all-nighter—you might not make it to class on time!

  10. Study Abroad!

  11. Don’t over stress about one bad grade!

  12. Don’t just go for a degree, go for a career!

  13. Challenge yourself.

  14. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else!

  15. Take classes outside of your major.

  16. Start studying early.

  17. Study hard.

  18. Don’t sell yourself short-know your talent!

  19. Don’t overwhelm yourself with debt. Paying back loans sounds more affordable in theory than it actually may be when you get a job.

  20. Do what you like.

  21. Find new interests.

  22. Don’t worry about the freshman 15.

  23. Build your network.

  24. Don’t fall behind.

  25. Open your mind.

  26. Look into community college.

  27. Apply for as many scholarships as you can.

  28. Be honest; don’t cheat.

  29. Take Psych 101. It will help you understand how your mind works.

  30. Ask for help when you need it.