Relax, it's exam time!


Mentors—here are some ways you can support your High School Scholars during the end of the semester.

  1. Create a Exam Survival Kit with items for studying like index cards, pens, highlighters and more importantly…snacks!

  2. Take a lunch break and talk about anything other than school and studying. Remember to touch back on what’s important after you’re done; preparing for the big tests.

  3. Go for a walk around your local park or even around your block.

  4. Try yoga- It’s a great way to relax and incorporate meditation.

  5. Start a Mentor/Mentee Journal to document your journey together. For the mentors and mentees who have known each other for a long time, this is also an opportunity to reminisce about your time together.

  6. Make DIY Stress Balls- this serves as an opportunity for both you and your mentee to create something together, or as gifts for one another, while you discuss how you deal with stress, the strategies that you use, how you notice stress within yourself, etc.

  7. Plan a picnic at a public park. You’ll get to enjoy a nice day, eat good food, and relax.

  8. Create the ultimate study playlist- this way you can learn more about your Scholar’s favorite artists, you’ll get to listen to good music, and you’re setting them up for a good study session.