Why Mentor?

As we look ahead to the start of the school year in a few short weeks, we’re working to recruit mentors for our newest class of Scholars. The fall is a great time to embark on a mentoring relationship with a college-bound Scholar and to make a meaningful difference in a young person’s life.

Here’s what sets Sponsor-A-Scholar apart from other mentoring programs in the area

  • We’re part of the National Quality Mentoring System. We follow nationally-accepted best practices for mentor recruitment, training and support.

  • Mentors are there to help students build confidence and explore opportunities. You’re not a parent, tutor or cop.

  • We’re with you every step of the way. You have the support of our staff, and our volunteer Mentor Council.

  • Students and mentors meet on their own time, so mentoring can work with your schedule. Students and mentors generally meet up once a month.

  • Mentoring with us is a long-term commitment, as much as four years—so students and mentors really get to know one another.

Some of our current and past mentors shared their experiences in mentoring that might just seal the deal if you are thinking about mentoring with us.

Read about Denise, Andy, Amy and Justin.

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